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DuraTech Grating

RenoSys offers DuraTech grating designed for new pool construction and pool renovations. Over the past 10 years, our grating division has grown to offer the largest and most durable selection of pool grating in the industry. DuraTech is a 1” tall PVC grating product that comes in T-Bar, I-Bar, and Interlocking styles. Our grating is designed to accommodate any pool gutter or trench width and can be installed either perpendicular or parallel. DuraTech Grating is certified slip resistant in accordance with ASTM test standards. DuraTech can be used independently or can be combined with a RenoSys gutter or liner system. DuraTech is also perfect for pool bulkheads, deck drains, and anywhere durable grating is required.

More info is available for download at:

Grating Brochure

Accessories Brochure

  •  Strongest, Most Durable Grating in the Industry
  • Our PVC Grating is Manufactured in the USA - NOT Offshore
  • Colorfast UV-Resistant Outdoor-Grade PVC
  • Certified Slip-Resistant
  • Quality Finish Is Beyond Compare
  • Maximum Wave Capturing Designs
  • We Also Offer Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Grating

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