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How to Solve Pool Perimeter Problems

The perimeter of your pool performs a vital service for the entire pool. In fact, when you consider your pool water, you should know that the top 2-3 inches of water is where almost all of the dirt, debris, sun -block and unlucky bugs wind up. A top-performing gutter isn't just a good idea, it's essential for a healthy pool. RenoSys has developed the DuraTech product line to be the ideal gutter and grating system for both indoor and outdoor commercial pools.


Indoor Pools and PVC

For your indoor pool, you can choose from a stainless steel or durable PVC gutter. DuraTech PVC gutters and grating look and perform great together, and are a cost-effective solution. In the pictures below, the school's pool was leaking from the aging gutter system. We were able to replace the old gutter system with our tough PVC gutters and grating, creating a watertight new perimeter:



Stainless Steel for All Pools

Stainless steel is the high-quality material that makes up the other side of the DuraTech gutter line. Some of our clients choose matching stainless gutters and grating, while others pair PVC grating with a stainless gutter system. Whatever combination our clients choose, they can rest assured that they're receiving an efficient, effective circulatory component. Below you can see a shot of one of our outdoor pools with DuraTech stainless gutters and PVC grating. 


DuraTech PVC Grating Has an Added Bonus

DuraTech PVC pool grating is very sturdy, and is textured to add extra traction and stability right at the pool's edge. Obviously the more levels of safety at your commercial pool, the better. With guests standing, sitting, or even jumping from your grating, you definitely need pool grating that will hold up under pressure.

With over 30 years of experience as industry leaders, we're able to recommend exactly the right products and the right design for your commercial pool project. We don't just design and install our products, we also manufacture them. So when you're asking questions about our products, you're talking directly with the manufacturer. We know the aquatic environment from the main drain to the pool deck, we also know how to design and make products that will stand up to years of water, guests, and pool chemical exposure.

If you're ready to solve your pool perimeter problems – from leaky gutters to cracked grating - call RenoSys today.

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